What to Look For When Buying Wedding and Bridal Jewelry

What is it about wedding jewelry that makes a bride choose to purchase a piece of jewelry, and what should she look for ? Hmm… An interesting question, for both brides and for the stores selling to the bridal market.

Well, to begin with, each piece of bridal jewelry should be as finely made as the bride can afford. If the bride plans on giving the bridesmaids and flower girls their jewelry as their bridesmaids gifts for being in the wedding party, then the metals used to make the wedding jewelry must be either sterling silver, 14k gold filled metal or gold. any other silver metal will quickly turn color and turn to brass. What a letdown – to see beautiful, and expensive bridal and bridesmaid jewelry turn to junk! A word of advice to brides – read what you are buying – if it just says silver, you’re not getting the real thing! Truly, silver is still not that expensive a material that a wedding jewelry company cannot afford to use a small amount in any piece of jewelry.

A wedding jewelry design company should use only the finest materials in every piece of bridal and wedding party jewelry they make.

As to sterling silver, the better bridal jewelers are now moving towards using argentium sterling silver, which tarnishes very slowly, holds it’s bright shine much longer, and doesn’t need polishing for very long intervals in-between times. As bridal jewelry is quite delicate and many pieces have hand-wrapping, especially bridal & bridesmaid earrings, this can be really important. The hand-wrapping creates tiny areas that are hard to polish. Rough handling of the delicate jewelry while polishing it could break it. Thus the comparatively more expensive and valuable argentium silver is well worth the price.

By the way, to take care of your sterling silver jewelry, argentium or not, when mixed with pearls, either use a polishing cloth, or put a bit of toothpaste on a soft brush and polish only the silver. You don’t want harsh abrasives near any freshwater or other natural pearls in your wedding jewelry as they will be damaged. Swarovski and many other faux pearls, on the other hand, can take a good deal of abuse without becoming damaged.

Now, one thing that really draws brides towards buying a particular wedding accessory is the shine, sparkle, and excitement that each piece of jewelry radiates. Pulling together our collections of bridal necklaces, we made certain to have some wedding necklaces that had crystals with such bright sparkling to reflect wonderful light on the brides face. Necklaces with brilliance like this draw so much attention to the bride and her beautiful face are really quite wonderful!

You know, that is one of the main reasons for wearing jewelry after all; To draw attention to oneself! And nothing does it better than sparkling jewelry!

The size of jewelry pieces and the importance of each piece is often a consideration as to what to purchase, especially when the bride is considering purchasing hair jewelry, necklaces AND earrings. Well, the key here is that only ONE (1) piece of jewelry should be the main star ; Or the jewelry pieces should all belong to a set – that is, of the same design or design elements, so that as a whole they work as a beautiful set. You don’t want each piece fighting for center stage – that would only pull attention away from the bride and the bride’s face – counterpoint to the whole reason for wearing jewelry!

Crystal wedding jewelry, by the way will usually give you the best sparkle. When shopping, look for a wedding jewelry design company with a large selection of both pearl and crystal designs in bridal earrings, bridesmaid bracelets and wedding & bridal accessories.

If you’re looking for jewelry that harmonizes your colors and wedding theme with the colors of your bridesmaid dresses and the jewelry for the wedding party, there’s nothing better than working with swarovski crystals and pearls. They come in so many colors that by themselves or in combination with one another create any color look that you might be looking for. Swarovski crystals still come from Austria and are the finest crystals made. They come in many shapes and sizes, and there are also a nice variety of pendants that can showcase a design or set off a design.

It’s been my experience that you need to have many, many styles for many different tastes.
Brides want to see a nice sampling of bridal jewelry in an online catalog. They’re really interested in seeing very different designs of jewelry in a collection. Marketing to the bridal jewelry market is really similar to the bridal gown market.

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