What to Look For In a Wedding Dress

Most brides have an idea of what they want in a wedding dress, even if it’s only a little seed of an idea deeply embedded in our minds, so deep it’s difficult to articulate what it looks like until we see it. Sometimes it is easy to find our dream dress, and other times you may be searching for quite a bit of time until you find the right one.

You may or may not be aware of the other important things to remember and consider when shopping for your perfect wedding dress. It’s more than just falling in love with something that dazzles your eyes. It’s more than picking what type of sleeves you want or the cut and fabric of the dress–there are much more practical concerns to consider as well.

I wanted to give you a rough guide of what to look for the next time you wander into a bridal shop looking for “the one.”

Breathability & Move-ability

I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of wearing a dress or outfit in your lifetime that you practically had to hold your breath in. You wanted to wear it so bad you were going to take your chances and not move your arms up or down or bend the wrong way for fear of making a rip. Do you know what I’m talking about? On your wedding day, you don’t want this to be you. Whatever dress you purchase, you want it to fit so nice and perfectly that you could run a marathon in it and still feel great. Okay, maybe not a marathon, but you get the point. You want to be able to breathe in your dress. You don’t want it to be so tight and awkward that it hinders your ability to enjoy yourself on this truly special day in your life.

Sitting Down

When you try on your potential dream dress, try sitting down and getting back up. Is it easy to do? Because if it isn’t this isn’t going to be your dream dress. You should be able to move around (kind of goes with the above category of “move-ability”). Some dresses are just so big and bulky that brides can’t sit down and get back up without help.

Bathroom Easiness

Speaking of sitting down, you’ll definitely be needing to use the potty at some point during your wedding-probably at many points. How easy can you get your dress up and do your business? Does it require help? If you’re okay with having an army of helpers in the bathroom with you while you do your business, then no worries here. But if you want to be able to use the bathroom without an audience, take this into consideration when settling on a dress.

On and Off

Can you get dressed by yourself? This is not always a problem because it’s quite common for your mother and/or bridal party to help you get dressed. However, this is something some brides may wish to consider when choosing a wedding gown.

How Much does the Dress Cost?

A dress may be your dream gown, but does it fit into your wedding budget? I recommend figuring out exactly how much you are willing to pay for a dress and stick to those parameters. Purchasing a wedding gown of your dreams is a big deal, but remember that the wedding is only one day. You don’t want to have to spend years paying off a dress you wore once.

Congruent with Your Theme

Depending on where you get married and what the theme is, this may impact the kind of dress you get. If you’re having a beach wedding in the summer, obviously you may not want a long-sleeved gown with an extra long train, you know? You can figure out a lot about the style, fabric, cut, formal/informal dress that you buy based on the actual plans for the wedding.

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