Wedding Day Hair For the Modern Bride

In these modern times, everything is moving forward – including weddings. Trends come and go in the wedding industry, but then who could ever be wrong once you go with the flow. Modern hairstyles are quite minimalistic nowadays – trying to keep it low but still hard-edged and stylish. With the ongoing trend, designers have also tried making gowns to fit the sleekness of the hairstyles that are hot today. To help you in dealing with the nuts and bolts of hairstyles, here are some of the different approaches to modern wedding hairstyles.

Perfectly stranded. Sleek and tight styles are in since they give the bride a lot less stress during the entire day itself. Once each hair strand is in place, nothing can ever go wrong from the bridal march up to the photo sessions after the ‘I do’s. It is also ideal for weddings wherein the bride goes straight from the church to the reception, without time for touch-ups. The hairstyle might take a while to do in the morning, using up tons of spray or gel but then having a perfect bun all throughout the day is still priceless when it comes to preserving peace of mind.

Loose and laid back. Breezy looks are also in style for summer and fall weddings, and dangling those luscious locks are acceptable and even quite popular. The idea is not to cover the face and avoid having the hair ruin the make up. Perfectly imperfect hairdos are great for outdoor weddings with uncontrollable winds, since you’d still look great after a gust of air passes by. In contrast to the previous type, a retouch might be needed for this style since it could get in the way of you partying with your new hubby.

Chopped short. Chin-length trusses are chic, usually paired with a birdcage veil or an elaborate tiara. Smart and classy, the short bob would be a great shocker for everyone if you decided to have it cut especially for the wedding. Some brides love to keep their guests on their toes!

Controlled curls. Be it big or small, curled hairstyles are dramatic and romantic at the same time. Keep in mind not to cover the gown’s upper part with the curls, and touch-up on the way to the ceremony to keep it looking perfect and fresh. Big and poofy hair is a no-no if you are after looking modern and updated. If mother nature is not on your side, you had better have a Plan B for your hair style. For example, your hair stylist may opt to put it in a pony tail to still showcase the curls or it can also be made half up and half down to lessen the problem.

Glammed up in bling. The fashion industry may have gone more simple but accessories are still making headlines. Bore not your guests with the same old veil-over-the-tresses and be fab with an elegant tiara or a stylish tiara comb. For a softer approach, a single flower may top off the bun to tie in the hair with the wedding’s theme.

Browse through prints and websites to get more inspiration and don’t hesitate to ask your hairstylist for some tips. Getting married in the 21st century has never been this great!

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