Popular Wedding Day Hairstyles For The Bride To Be

If your special day is coming up you’ve probably got a head full of things that need to be done. Everything from catering and music to where the guests will be sitting is probably taking over during sleepless nights! Of course, the one person you should be focusing on the most is you (and you probably haven’t forgotten about the dress, your makeup or your hair!).

There are so many popular wedding hairstyles that it can be difficult to choose between them. From the traditional elegant look to a more natural and familiar style, it’s probably best to have a few ideas when you first start working with your stylist to prepare for the big day but this basic direction should be a lot of help.

For Long Hair

If you normally wear long hair or are growing it out for the big day, there are a few different styles you can choose from. Long hair proves quite versatile and you should be able to pull off almost any look in your dress – relaxed and natural is always popular but sometimes a few curls and waves can really draw attention to the smile on your face. The softer it looks and the more it seems to flow, the more elegant you will tend to look.

For Short Hair

Brides with short hair might want to take some time working with their stylist to come up with some ideas that they think suit them. Creating volume can be incredible looking – using hot rollers can give your hair more body and simple finger styling after can look natural and gorgeous. Backcombing your hair at the crown can add a bit of lift as well if volume is something you’re going for.

For Medium Hair

A good idea for brides with medium length hair is to style it around your dress. Leave it down for one that is strapless or wear it up to show of a halter neckline. You’re able to be incredibly versatile with medium length hair so try and style your hair to suit your face shape. Whether you want curls, volume or straight with a beautiful shine, it’s a good idea to work with your stylist to go through a few ideas before the day.

No matter the length, there are plenty of options when it comes to styling for the big day. Decide which direction you want to go in and work with a stylist to find something that suits you. If you’re looking at magazines and photos for ideas, make sure you take note of face shape and find a style that works for a woman whose face is a similar shape to your own.

Wedding Day Hair Tips

How will you have your hair on your wedding day?

Up, down, curly, straight, with a veil, with a tiara, with a hat, with an accessory?

The decisions are endless!

Think carefully about this aspect. As with any special occasion, you want your hair to last throughout the whole event and your wedding will be your most important event so plan your hair to perfection.

If you have short hair, think about accessorizing it with the many beautiful headbands, hair slides, hair grips or even flowers. This will have an instant impact on your look. If you are having a veil, go for a pretty tiara that will sparkle into the evening when you take the veil off for your reception.

If you have decided to have your hair up, use products which will keep your hair in place and invest in some spare grips to fasten your hair securely.
Also, think about the shape of your face as to what ‘up-do’ you decide on. Certain hairstyles look better with certain face shapes so be careful in your decision.

If you are having your hair down, use products which will hold volume or curls well so that the look will last well into the evening. This is another look that you can accessorize really well so try different looks as mentioned before.

Finally, if you are feeling brave, think about having hair extensions for the day. Using a good, quality extensions line and having them put in professionally is essential as you don’t want hair falling out as you walk up the aisle or at your first ‘married couple’ dance.

Wedding Day Hair For the Modern Bride

In these modern times, everything is moving forward – including weddings. Trends come and go in the wedding industry, but then who could ever be wrong once you go with the flow. Modern hairstyles are quite minimalistic nowadays – trying to keep it low but still hard-edged and stylish. With the ongoing trend, designers have also tried making gowns to fit the sleekness of the hairstyles that are hot today. To help you in dealing with the nuts and bolts of hairstyles, here are some of the different approaches to modern wedding hairstyles.

Perfectly stranded. Sleek and tight styles are in since they give the bride a lot less stress during the entire day itself. Once each hair strand is in place, nothing can ever go wrong from the bridal march up to the photo sessions after the ‘I do’s. It is also ideal for weddings wherein the bride goes straight from the church to the reception, without time for touch-ups. The hairstyle might take a while to do in the morning, using up tons of spray or gel but then having a perfect bun all throughout the day is still priceless when it comes to preserving peace of mind.

Loose and laid back. Breezy looks are also in style for summer and fall weddings, and dangling those luscious locks are acceptable and even quite popular. The idea is not to cover the face and avoid having the hair ruin the make up. Perfectly imperfect hairdos are great for outdoor weddings with uncontrollable winds, since you’d still look great after a gust of air passes by. In contrast to the previous type, a retouch might be needed for this style since it could get in the way of you partying with your new hubby.

Chopped short. Chin-length trusses are chic, usually paired with a birdcage veil or an elaborate tiara. Smart and classy, the short bob would be a great shocker for everyone if you decided to have it cut especially for the wedding. Some brides love to keep their guests on their toes!

Controlled curls. Be it big or small, curled hairstyles are dramatic and romantic at the same time. Keep in mind not to cover the gown’s upper part with the curls, and touch-up on the way to the ceremony to keep it looking perfect and fresh. Big and poofy hair is a no-no if you are after looking modern and updated. If mother nature is not on your side, you had better have a Plan B for your hair style. For example, your hair stylist may opt to put it in a pony tail to still showcase the curls or it can also be made half up and half down to lessen the problem.

Glammed up in bling. The fashion industry may have gone more simple but accessories are still making headlines. Bore not your guests with the same old veil-over-the-tresses and be fab with an elegant tiara or a stylish tiara comb. For a softer approach, a single flower may top off the bun to tie in the hair with the wedding’s theme.

Browse through prints and websites to get more inspiration and don’t hesitate to ask your hairstylist for some tips. Getting married in the 21st century has never been this great!

Hair Accessories – For Brides, For Parties or Just For the Sake of It

Thanks to a huge range of hair accessories at affordable prices, no matter what your beauty budget may be, YOU too can have that celebrity look!! All it takes ladies is plenty of practises and some patience.

Here is a list of Hair Accessories and a brief summary;

• Hair clips

Ranging from the small and discrete to the big and bold. A hair clip can be the making of loose tumbling locks or give the wow factor to a simple but stylish up-do.

• Hair combs

Like the hair clip, a hair comb can turn the most simplest of styles into a piece of art.

Unlike the hair clip, a comb can create volume to your hair as well as decoratively holding a style securely in place.

• Hair Pins

They are very decorative and are perfect to adorn a French pleat or chignon.

Many Brides and Bridesmaids wear hair pins on their big day as you can find a huge variety of designs.

• Hair Slides

They are very versatile. You can use a hair slide to hold a style in place or scatter them throughout the hair and use them as decoration. Many wedding parties use hair slides due to their versatility and low cost.

• Hair claws

A hair claw may be a first on some of you but actually I expect you all have one or even two at home! It’s just the name you may not be accustomed to. Commonly known as the crocodile clip, due to the spiky and sometimes sharp set of teeth which grip and hold the hair each side. Again they come in all sizes and designs. I would recommend a hair claw if you are wearing your hair in an up-do.

• Hair Bands

I know many of you now have the image of your daughters scrunchy you have sent her off to school in, but please don’t be mistaken in thinking hair bands are only for children! This is definitely not the case. There is an enormous variety of hair bands out there, for women of all ages. Ranging from the large, velvet bands in an assortment of colours to the simple bands with a jewelled attachment. The perfect hair accessory to transform a ponytail from plain to super chic. And ladies…PLEASE do not use a hair band to solely hide a bad hair day or on those Sunday’s with your joggers! A hair band to match your shoes or hand bag is an essential part of your evening wardrobe.

• Concord Clips

Like the hair slide and hair pin, the concord clip is very versatile. It can be used to hold your hair style in place or simply as decoration. A concord clip is great to use in all hair types.

• Head Bands

A great come back for the hair band over the past few years! With many celebs being snapped wearing one. Like the hair band, the head band is NOT only for children. Brides and Bridesmaids alike are turning to the head band as a cheaper and sometimes more comfortable option as opposed to a Tiara. Unlike many other hair accessories, the head band can be worn no matter what your hair type or length is. In fact I seem to recall the odd footballer wearing a head band in its more practical use!

• Headpieces

Traditional head dressing but by no means a thing of the past! With a wide collection of diamante headpieces to feathers to pearls (and the list goes on..)…ideal to dress tumbling curls, a romantic chignon or elegant up-do. Another Bridal favourite!

• Tiaras

The ultimate in Bridal wear but please ladies, get your money’s worth and don’t just wear it on your wedding day! Dust it off and feel like the princess again. This hair accessory is far too precise to stay boxed at the bottom of your wardrobe.

TOP TIP for any hair Accessory;

Whether your purchasing a hair pin to a headpiece, please make sure it will be secure in your type of hair. The last thing you want is for your hair accessory to slip out, minutes after putting it in place. A head of fine hair will need a thin narrow grip to the clip, something wide and weighty will only slide out and when buying a hair comb, make sure the teeth are shorter and closer together. A lady with thicker hair will need a comb with longer, fewer and more spread apart teeth.

Bridal Hair Accessories – Making the Perfect Choice

Preparing for your wedding day is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, but, as you probably already know, there are quite literally dozens of tasks to take care of and to remember, causing many brides-to-be to forget about their hairstyle and the ever important hair accessories.

Whether your nuptials will be a formal affair and you’ll have your hair done in an up-do, or you’re opting for a more casual or romantic look with hair cascading around your face or shoulders, or any of the other different types of wedding styles in between, hair accessories can be the finishing touch that completes your entire look.

Today, there are many different hair accessories for brides to choose from, giving you plenty of opportunities to find just the right piece, or pieces, that will accentuate not only your hairstyle but your dress and other accessories like jewelry as well. But, with all of these choices available, how can you really know which accessories will best with the hairstyle you have chosen for your big day, or which one will complement your dress, but not overshadow it?

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when shopping for your bridal hair accessories so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about in preparation for the day.

First, as a general rule of thumb, it’s always advisable to keep your accessories as simple and elegant as possible. All eyes will be on the bride all day long and she should radiate a sense of stunning beauty, one that doesn’t need a host of embellishments to compete with.

With that in mind, although hats have waned some in popularity over the years for brides, there are still several different types to choose from ranging from the small and dainty to the large and rather noticeable. Or, there’s always the classic beauty of the stone-studded tiara well as the relatively new type of bridal hair accessory, the bun wrap to consider.

Combs and headbands, either plain or adorned with crystals and gemstones, are more popular choices as they not only add interest to the hairstyle, but they also help to hold it firmly in place all throughout the busy day. For a retro look, choose a wider headband while thinner bands work better with modern dresses and styles.

Hair jewelry, whether ornate and detailed or simple and understated, can be placed randomly throughout your hairstyle or arranged strategically around a bun or around the crown for creating the look of a tiara.

If you absolutely can’t decide on one accessory over another, a simple strand of pearls or sparkling cubic zirconium along with a few strategically placed hairpins can give you the chance to create your own unique look. Or, use fresh or faux flowers, or feathers, one of the newest trends in bridal hair accessories, attached to hair clips, barrettes, or combs.

Coupled with the right hairstyle, any of these accessories can be perfect for helping you to feel even more beautiful on your most special of days. Taking plenty of time to fully explore all of your options as well as knowing exactly what hairstyle you want will greatly help to ensure you’ll be totally happy with your finished look and choose the absolute perfect hair accessory.