Wedding Dresses: 4 Wedding Dress Styles That Allow You To Ditch The Gym And Still Feel Confident

If your wedding is fast approaching then you may be wondering which wedding dresses will help you to look your best on this special day if you’re a little out-of-shape. Here is a guide to which styles will help to hide any imperfections in your figure, and what type of bride will benefit from them.

Imagine this scenario.

You have been busy juggling your job, kids, family and planning for your wedding. Your gym membership has expired and the exercise bike sits, gathering dust, in the corner.

No doubt you will be getting some lovely pictures taken at no little expense and all eyes will be on you, so it’s very easy to be aware of any imperfections in your figure. So if you do have an unsightly bulge or two, or are just carrying an extra few pounds and are conscious about this, then which type of dress is going to help you look fantastic and feel confident?

The Style’s The Key

Regardless of your size, body-shape or weight there is a dress out there that will help you to look slender and gorgeous on your big day, which is exactly as it should be! It simply depends on you choosing the correct size for your shape, and so by knowing in advance which will look best on you, you’ll have an easier time finding that special wedding gown and feeling confident about wearing it.

Let’s look at the options:

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

A ball gown wedding dress has a tight or corset top with a very full skirt cascading out beneath it. It is your classic ‘Cinderella’ dress and will make you look like a princess! If you are a pear-shaped woman with bigger bottom or hips then this style will help to make you look defined on top and also disguise these potentially problematic lower areas leaving you looking great.

Sleeved Wedding Dress

Arms can often be a source of worry for brides, especially since many wedding dresses are strapless or sleeveless. This is not the tradition however and doesn’t have to be the case at all; you can certainly wear a long sleeve or short sleeve wedding dress.

Be careful to choose lace or sheer sleeves on your gown to look young and contemporary. There will no longer be any reason to worry about your arms and there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t find lace sexy! Also if they’re good enough for Kate Middleton then they’ll be good enough for you!

A-line Wedding Dress
The A-line dress is very popular for wedding dresses because it is suitable for every woman’s body type. The A-line style looks like an ‘A’ shape, being slimmer on top and wider at the hem on the bottom. This will help your waist look slimmer if that’s an issue. If you are trying on dresses it is almost certain that you will encounter an A-line dress.

Empire Wedding Dress
The classic empire style dress is perfect for anyone who is worried about their tummy. The waist of the dress starts really high up, under your bust, and the skirt of the dress flows down and outwards from the body to the hem. This will hide any issues you might have with the trunk of your body.

Finally the material you choose will make a difference. Choosing silk or other slinky fabrics will give you a figure-hugging dress which may not be suitable, so it may be better to go with a dress made of taffeta, tulle or other fabrics with a bit more body.

So don’t worry if your wedding day is approaching and you’ve got some areas of your body which you don’t want to highlight to all of your guests. Simply consider these styles and then you can rest easy in a dress that will make you look and feel great!

Lace Wedding Dresses – Vintage And Sophisticated

Wedding dresses are supposed to be extravagant and eye-catching. There are a variety of materials to choose from, for your wedding gown. Lace these days is a very fashionable material when it comes to making wedding gowns. Earlier lace was used majorly in wedding dresses. With time it faded and wasn’t seen anymore. But these days it has come back in fashion. Kate Middleton sets a very good example of using lace in her wedding outfit. Her dress was graceful and silky and it was not at all old fashioned. Even though many designers compared her dress with Grace Kelly’s dress, it still stood up to today’s fashion.

In today’s fashion you will observe that vintage clothes are back. Lace does give your outfit a vintage sense. Lace wedding dresses look very classy and never go out of fashion. You can tell your designer about your preferences for the wedding dress. An absolutely vintage wedding dress will either be second hand or custom made. With some accessories you can totally make the dress classic. In the market you will come across so many types of wedding dresses which have lace detailing on them. It does not matter what color lace you pick, it will still give a very traditional and modern feel at the same time.

If you look carefully at the pattern and design of these dresses, you will observe that they are commonly fitted and long flowing. Also full length sleeves made from lace is like a traditional trademark of lace wedding gowns. High neckline too compliments these dresses a lot. For women who are short in height, high neckline dresses can make them look taller. Lace sleeves can make your arms look toned and sleek. It can very easily hide the problem areas of your body and give you a very well defined look.

French lace wedding outfits are considered very extraordinary and beautiful. These laces are very high on quality and unique in design. French Chantilly and Alencon are the two best French laces. They are very superior and attractive. Since France is the fashion capital of the world, there is no doubt that you will not find your dream wedding outfit in France. English and French dresses are absolutely class apart and suit perfectly to a bride’s body. There is no doubt that French dress will cost you a bit more, but the money spent will be all worth it.

If your budget does not allow you to buy a French wedding outfit, then try looking for some French style lace wedding dresses. These ones are not made in France, but are inspired by French designers. They are even low on the price. Hence for many ladies around the world, this is the best alternative feasible.

Handmade Wedding Dresses

With the latest craze for making your own clothes, if you sew, perhaps you have considered making your own wedding dress. A quick search for ‘wedding dress patterns’ brings up a variety of results from vintage Vogue patterns, to Kwik-sew. Unlike buying a designer wedding dress, your choice for sewing your own depends not just on your body shape and sense of style, but on your skill level.

Obviously this is not one for a beginner sewist, but if you do have experience at making clothes for adults, it can be worthwhile looking at the patterns available. If you are an experienced sewist, have made clothes for yourself previously, and have plenty of spare time before the wedding, there is a world of choice out there. From fabulous corsets with princess style ballgown skirts, to slinky fitted evening dresses, you really can choose anything you want. If you at more of an intermediate level, capable of following a pattern, but haven’t used many of the more complicated dressmaking techniques, you will want to stick to a simple dress. This means you can look at patterns for normal or evening dresses, and just choose an appropriate fabric, rather than only looking at wedding dress patterns. However, there are simpler patterns out there. Just make sure you look at the back of the pattern’s packet to see if it tells you which techniques you will need to know. Some will even tell you whether they are ‘easy’, ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ so you can pick your skill level.

Whatever level of design you choose, make sure you leave plenty of time before the wedding to make the dress. However long you think it will take you, double it and add a few more weeks. You want to allow for things to go wrong, for your life to be busier than expected, and for any adjustments that need to be made. It is a good idea to treat this as a job and book time for it as you would any appointment. This is not a job to leave to the last minute! It is a good idea to plan to make the dress twice. First you should make it in a cheaper fabric so you can have a practice and see if any fitting issues can be sorted out before cutting into the expensive fabric. While your practice fabric should be cheaper, it should still be a similar fabric as you need to know how easy it is to sew, what problems there may be when sewing it (such as how easily it frays), and how it hangs once it has been finished. Only when this dress is perfect should you start on your fashion fabric.

When choosing the fabric, it is a good idea to talk to the people who work in the fabric shop. They will know which fabrics will be difficult to sew with, which will wrinkle easily, and can also recommend all the extras you may need, such as specialist needles or the right thread. As for what fabric to choose – you are making it yourself, so you don’t have to choose the traditional colours or fabrics. Why not choose a fabric that already has embellishments on? That is an easy way make a simple dress look like something a bit more special.

Once you have made your dress, you can embellish it. If you have chosen a simple design, you can really go to town with these extras. From simple fabric flowers, to sequins and sparkles or even feathers, you can create something really unique with only a little effort. In fact, if you’re feeling brave, this is even something you can do with a wedding dress you have bought. Choose a simple wedding dress and customise it to make it your own!

Before you start looking at wedding dress patterns, you should be honest with yourself. This is your big day; are you going to be comfortable if the dress isn’t perfect? Even if they are flaws that no one else will see, you don’t want to be worrying about that slightly wonky seam while you are walking down the aisle. If those little flaws will bother you, do you have the time to devote to making sure it really is perfect? Time for picking out any seams that go wrong? This isn’t necessarily the cheaper option either in time or money. It really is a labour of love. If you decide it is too much for you, then another great option for a one-off, unique dress is visiting a designer wedding dress factory outlet, where many of the dresses are end-of-line or straight from catwalks and photoshoots, making them original and excellent quality for less than half their original price.

Designing Your Own Wedding Dress

Thinking of designing your own wedding dress? It may seem daunting but it can end up being cost-effective and a way to get the exact, unique dress of your dreams. You need to think very carefully before embarking on this route, however, and do a lot of research. It may be that you simply can’t find the right dress for you in your local bridalwear shops, or are after something that is difficult to buy off-the-peg – so commissioning a handmade wedding dress is the way to go for you!

Firstly, work out what you are after – scour wedding magazines and websites to find the style and design that you absolutely love. It may be that you are mixing and matching several aspects of wedding dresses, or going for something that is not traditional, like a medieval or Gothic or Victorian style etc. The wonderful thing about designing your own wedding dress is that you can create something perfectly suited to your personality and style – just make sure that the fit and cut of the dress you are after suits your body shape. Think about:

– The general style (A-line, empire, ballgown, bodice and skirt, retro, vintage, sheath etc)
– The length
– The train (if any)
– The straps/sleeves (if any)
– The fabric
– The colour

Next you need to find an experienced and professional seamstress to make it for you – unless you, or someone you know is very savvy with a sewing machine! Although it is cheaper to get a crafty friend to have a go, are you really sure you want to put your wedding dress dreams into the hands of someone who doesn’t do this for a living? Do a local search for a wedding seamstress or wedding dressmaker and visit them to find out what styles they seem most comfortable with and have a good look through their portfolio.

Once you’ve found a seamstress you want to work with, you will have a consultation to decide on styles, designs, fabrics, details and so s/he can take your measurements. Listen to the advice of your dressmaker – they can guide you in terms of the most flattering styles and best fabrics to suit your plans. They will then usually make a calico muslin of your dress to make sure it fits well – expect between three and five fittings before your dress is fully finished. Although you can have off-the-peg wedding gowns altered to fit better, there’s nothing like a bespoke wedding dress that fits like a glove!

What to Look For In a Wedding Dress

Most brides have an idea of what they want in a wedding dress, even if it’s only a little seed of an idea deeply embedded in our minds, so deep it’s difficult to articulate what it looks like until we see it. Sometimes it is easy to find our dream dress, and other times you may be searching for quite a bit of time until you find the right one.

You may or may not be aware of the other important things to remember and consider when shopping for your perfect wedding dress. It’s more than just falling in love with something that dazzles your eyes. It’s more than picking what type of sleeves you want or the cut and fabric of the dress–there are much more practical concerns to consider as well.

I wanted to give you a rough guide of what to look for the next time you wander into a bridal shop looking for “the one.”

Breathability & Move-ability

I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of wearing a dress or outfit in your lifetime that you practically had to hold your breath in. You wanted to wear it so bad you were going to take your chances and not move your arms up or down or bend the wrong way for fear of making a rip. Do you know what I’m talking about? On your wedding day, you don’t want this to be you. Whatever dress you purchase, you want it to fit so nice and perfectly that you could run a marathon in it and still feel great. Okay, maybe not a marathon, but you get the point. You want to be able to breathe in your dress. You don’t want it to be so tight and awkward that it hinders your ability to enjoy yourself on this truly special day in your life.

Sitting Down

When you try on your potential dream dress, try sitting down and getting back up. Is it easy to do? Because if it isn’t this isn’t going to be your dream dress. You should be able to move around (kind of goes with the above category of “move-ability”). Some dresses are just so big and bulky that brides can’t sit down and get back up without help.

Bathroom Easiness

Speaking of sitting down, you’ll definitely be needing to use the potty at some point during your wedding-probably at many points. How easy can you get your dress up and do your business? Does it require help? If you’re okay with having an army of helpers in the bathroom with you while you do your business, then no worries here. But if you want to be able to use the bathroom without an audience, take this into consideration when settling on a dress.

On and Off

Can you get dressed by yourself? This is not always a problem because it’s quite common for your mother and/or bridal party to help you get dressed. However, this is something some brides may wish to consider when choosing a wedding gown.

How Much does the Dress Cost?

A dress may be your dream gown, but does it fit into your wedding budget? I recommend figuring out exactly how much you are willing to pay for a dress and stick to those parameters. Purchasing a wedding gown of your dreams is a big deal, but remember that the wedding is only one day. You don’t want to have to spend years paying off a dress you wore once.

Congruent with Your Theme

Depending on where you get married and what the theme is, this may impact the kind of dress you get. If you’re having a beach wedding in the summer, obviously you may not want a long-sleeved gown with an extra long train, you know? You can figure out a lot about the style, fabric, cut, formal/informal dress that you buy based on the actual plans for the wedding.