Finding the Best Bridal Accessories to Match Your Perfect Dress

Your big day has finally come – after years of waiting for the perfect man to sweep you off your feet, your wedding and your dream guy have finally arrived. You’ve got the ring on your finger, you’ve even got the dress of your dreams picked out – but what to wear with it?

The accessories are often what make the outfit, and in the case of your wedding gown, the accessories are all the more important. This is a day where all eyes will be on you – where numerous photographs will be taken, where wedding videos will be filmed, where people will talk of what you do and what you wear for years to come. It’s imperative that you find the best bridal accessories to match your perfect dress. But where to begin? Relax – we’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with a sash. This little known accessory often goes underused. People sometimes think it will make their dress too frilly, or that it will take the attention away from the dress itself, but in truth, the sash is a great complement to your gown. It highlights your waist and adds a little bit of sparkle.

Why not show off your amazing curves? Imagine a crystal jeweled sash glittering in the light as you glide down the aisle like the princess you are. A horsehair sash with crystal embellishment, this sash is inspired by vintage estate jewelry, and it can be worn again and again! Wear it on a cocktail dress or with a t-shirt. You can even tie it in your hair as a headband! This sash is available in ivory or ebony, so you can go for a perfect match or choose total contrast.

Another thing you don’t want to go without is a beaded crystal hairpiece. This stunning piece is like jewelry for your hair. A little hint of sparkle in your updo is sure to set you apart from all the other brides out there. Glamorous and slightly vintage, this antique inspired design features clusters of sparkling crystals that resemble a floral corsage. This versatile piece can be worn with any hairstyle, up or down, and looks beautiful with or without a veil.

If a hairpiece isn’t substantial enough for you, consider a thin headband with crystal embellishment. Because this hairpiece surrounds your head instead of just clipping on, there’s less worry of it falling off as you walk down the aisle. A thin, hard headband with a large piece of crystal embellishment, this antique-inspired design is fit for a princess. This headband features a soft, raw-edged tulle underlay that adds a romantic, ethereal look, and is available in ivory. Talk about beautiful!

When it comes to wedding accessories, most women automatically think of the veil – and for good reason: it’s the most popular wedding gown accessory out there! Veils add a hint of romance to your look, and have been popular for years and years. If you’re looking for something ultra romantic, consider a two-tier chapel length veil with a lace appliqué. This beautiful veil features hand-detailed lace appliqués, which adorn the bottom edge of the longer tier. Two layers of raw edged tulle create an ethereal, romantic look that is fit for a queen. Timeless and classic, this is a look you won’t be able to resist.

Another great option, especially for those who favor some extra drama with their dress, is a large black horsehair sash. This oversized sash comes in black and ivory and is 120 inches long, which makes for a beautiful multi-dimensional bow. This sash adds some dramatic detail to your gown; think of everyone gasping as soon as you enter the church. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? It’s your Cinderella moment, so you may as well make the most of it!

No princess look is complete without a tiara. Some might consider the request for a tiara a silly, slightly immature bridal accessory, but we say this is your day and you should rock it however you see fit! If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a tiara, your wedding day is the time to do so. Whether you choose one that is encrusted with rhinestones or pearls, you’re sure to stand out from the brides that chose a simple veil as their central bridal accessory.

Another fun option is a pair of long gloves – white satin elbow length gloves instantly amp up any dress, taking it from average bridal gown to out of this world amazing. There’s a sense of old world charm in this look – it’s as though you’re a bride from sixty years ago, walking down the aisle in 1922. If you’re a girl that loves a vintage look, gloves are where it’s at.

What to Look For When Buying Wedding and Bridal Jewelry

What is it about wedding jewelry that makes a bride choose to purchase a piece of jewelry, and what should she look for ? Hmm… An interesting question, for both brides and for the stores selling to the bridal market.

Well, to begin with, each piece of bridal jewelry should be as finely made as the bride can afford. If the bride plans on giving the bridesmaids and flower girls their jewelry as their bridesmaids gifts for being in the wedding party, then the metals used to make the wedding jewelry must be either sterling silver, 14k gold filled metal or gold. any other silver metal will quickly turn color and turn to brass. What a letdown – to see beautiful, and expensive bridal and bridesmaid jewelry turn to junk! A word of advice to brides – read what you are buying – if it just says silver, you’re not getting the real thing! Truly, silver is still not that expensive a material that a wedding jewelry company cannot afford to use a small amount in any piece of jewelry.

A wedding jewelry design company should use only the finest materials in every piece of bridal and wedding party jewelry they make.

As to sterling silver, the better bridal jewelers are now moving towards using argentium sterling silver, which tarnishes very slowly, holds it’s bright shine much longer, and doesn’t need polishing for very long intervals in-between times. As bridal jewelry is quite delicate and many pieces have hand-wrapping, especially bridal & bridesmaid earrings, this can be really important. The hand-wrapping creates tiny areas that are hard to polish. Rough handling of the delicate jewelry while polishing it could break it. Thus the comparatively more expensive and valuable argentium silver is well worth the price.

By the way, to take care of your sterling silver jewelry, argentium or not, when mixed with pearls, either use a polishing cloth, or put a bit of toothpaste on a soft brush and polish only the silver. You don’t want harsh abrasives near any freshwater or other natural pearls in your wedding jewelry as they will be damaged. Swarovski and many other faux pearls, on the other hand, can take a good deal of abuse without becoming damaged.

Now, one thing that really draws brides towards buying a particular wedding accessory is the shine, sparkle, and excitement that each piece of jewelry radiates. Pulling together our collections of bridal necklaces, we made certain to have some wedding necklaces that had crystals with such bright sparkling to reflect wonderful light on the brides face. Necklaces with brilliance like this draw so much attention to the bride and her beautiful face are really quite wonderful!

You know, that is one of the main reasons for wearing jewelry after all; To draw attention to oneself! And nothing does it better than sparkling jewelry!

The size of jewelry pieces and the importance of each piece is often a consideration as to what to purchase, especially when the bride is considering purchasing hair jewelry, necklaces AND earrings. Well, the key here is that only ONE (1) piece of jewelry should be the main star ; Or the jewelry pieces should all belong to a set – that is, of the same design or design elements, so that as a whole they work as a beautiful set. You don’t want each piece fighting for center stage – that would only pull attention away from the bride and the bride’s face – counterpoint to the whole reason for wearing jewelry!

Crystal wedding jewelry, by the way will usually give you the best sparkle. When shopping, look for a wedding jewelry design company with a large selection of both pearl and crystal designs in bridal earrings, bridesmaid bracelets and wedding & bridal accessories.

If you’re looking for jewelry that harmonizes your colors and wedding theme with the colors of your bridesmaid dresses and the jewelry for the wedding party, there’s nothing better than working with swarovski crystals and pearls. They come in so many colors that by themselves or in combination with one another create any color look that you might be looking for. Swarovski crystals still come from Austria and are the finest crystals made. They come in many shapes and sizes, and there are also a nice variety of pendants that can showcase a design or set off a design.

It’s been my experience that you need to have many, many styles for many different tastes.
Brides want to see a nice sampling of bridal jewelry in an online catalog. They’re really interested in seeing very different designs of jewelry in a collection. Marketing to the bridal jewelry market is really similar to the bridal gown market.

Selecting the Perfect Hair Style For Your Wedding Day

How your going to wear your hair is just one more thing to add to the list of to do’s for your special day. However, do not worry too much on which style you’re going to select because your decision should be based on the type of wedding gown and wedding accessories you will be wearing. The style you select should make you feel like the princess you so it is rather important to pick the one you truly are comfortable with and love!

Start by experimenting with different styles early so you can decide on how you would like to wear it during the wedding. Some hairstyles work better if your hair is washed the day before, while others work best if washed that day. These are some issues you should find out well before your wedding day so there’s one less thing to worry about. The following are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles:

* Loose & Curly Waves:

Many brides of today like wearing a textured look with highlights. If you want something other than having a straight hairstyle and you don’t want to wear it up, this may be the style for you. If you are thinking of getting highlights, ask your hair dresser when would be the best time to get them.

* French Twist:

Depending on your facial structure, this may be the right style for you. A French twist can be worn high or low, and pretty things such as a chain of small flowers or pearl pins can be added to extenuate this hair style.

* Cascading curls:

This is a beautiful hairstyle for many women and you can add a few small flowers through your curls.

* Chignon:

This style is pulled back and formed into a little ball worn at the neck. If you’re wearing a tiara or fancy comb or veil, this may be a great look for you.

Once you make up your mind what kind of hair style you want to wear for your wedding day, you should discuses a timeline on when to do what. Try your new hair style now so you can make sure this is what you want, then mark your calendar for when you need to make touch-ups and trims so you can have the perfect hair on your special day. Here is a timeline to help you along.

* Two months before your wedding get your highlights done.

* One month before have a dress rehearsal with your hairstyle and hairpiece.

* Two weeks to go before have your highlights touched up and your split ends trimmed.

* One week have your roots colored

# The day before wash & condition your hair. Your hair is easier to work with a day after a shampoo.

These are some simple tips to help you get ideas for your hair on your wedding day. The thing to keep in mind is to stay healthy because true beauty comes from within. If you feel you need to diet before your wedding day, have a sensible diet plan. Get plenty of sleep and try not to stress too much about getting married. Stress shows in your skin and in your hair so try to keep your stress levels low. If you plan ahead, your hair will look beautiful at your wedding and you will walk down the aisle being the most beautiful woman in the room; just as it should be!

Wedding Garters Are a Nice Tradition and Accessory

Wedding garters are known to be a traditional wedding accessory. They are designed with a piece of elastic, which is used to hold a stocking or stock. They have a traditional significance and yet many modern brides wear them on the day of their wedding. You can find skillfully crafted garters with nice designs and high quality.

These days, the tradition of tossing a wedding garter out into a crowd of single men at a wedding is a fun activity and a lighthearted custom at many contemporary weddings. However, this tradition is centuries old, and was once somewhat of a brutal and even dangerous practice for the bride. In the past, superstitions were widespread and were commonly believed by people of all classes. Back then life was harder, so any tiny bit of luck was considered to be a precious and valuable commodity that was aggressively pursued. One of these superstitions was regarding the newly married bride.

Brides, in those olden days, were considered to be pure, since they were known to have a “virgin status” and also represented a symbol of fertility. This is because shortly after most marriages, were the births of new babies. Brides were looked upon as being very lucky since they had found a mate and would soon change from being a virgin to a woman and then eventually a mother. As a result, everyone wanted a portion of this luck and so it became common practice for the wedding guests to tear off pieces of the wedding dress as token of receiving good luck.

Wedding garters were also linked to and associated with virginity and fertility. The act of a groom removing the chastity belt from a bride represented a transition from girl to woman or from child to wife. It was considered to be such good luck to hold these wedding garters, that wedding guests would many times attack brides so that they could possess this great luck. As a result, brides were often trampled during these attacks of drunken wedding guests. This is why the tradition changed into one where the groom removes the wedding garter first and then throws it into the crowd before they get out of control.

Single men wanted the wedding garters because they believed it would bring them good luck in finding their own bride. The lucky guy who caught the wedding garter would put it in his hat and wear it until he found a woman he wanted to marry. The he would give it to her to show her his intentions. Other times the man who caught the wedding garter would place the garter on the leg of a girl he was interested in right at the wedding.

However, the female guests at weddings also wanted some luck and soon the tradition arose where the bride would throw her wedding bouquet into a crowd of single women. It was believed that the girl who would catch the bridal bouquet would be the next one to find a husband. Other cultures believed that the girl who caught the bouquet and the man who caught the wedding garter would end up marrying each other. And so, maybe another wedding would soon follow!

Wedding Day Accessories

So, you just got engaged and you are not that into fashion. Or, you are completely into the dress, but don’t know what else you have to do. Well, here is a list of the items that you have to think about for your wedding day. Hopefully, this list will help you be prepared so you won’t have to scramble around at the last minute and buy something you don’t really want.

Wedding dress: First, you need to look for a wedding dress. This is a statement about you, the wedding, your own style. This is what everyone will see you in so make sure you try on a lot of different styles. There are long and short styles, A-line and princess cuts, off the shoulder, long sleeve, everything you can think of. So, be patient, look through the wedding magazines, and start trying them on. Also, don’t bring too many people with you when you make your decision. Everyone will have an opinion, but the most important thing is that you like the dress.

Wedding shoes: Do you want ivory wedding shoes or silver wedding shoes? What color is your dress? How high are your heels? The wedding shoes are the second most important thing to think about for the wedding day outfit, right after your wedding dress. So, think through the color, the style, the heel height and then go shopping. Also, make sure you bring them on the day of your fitting so you can get your dress altered to the right height.

Wedding hair accessories: This is another component of your outfit. You will need something to put in your hair. Or, you can opt for nothing. It really depends on what look you are going for. Some women buy a tiara so they can look like a princess. Some go for a headband so it is not too flashy. Others will buy clips and combs or put flowers in their hair. Whatever you choose, make sure you try it on with your hair stylist before the big day.

Wedding undergarments: What you wear underneath will affect how the dress falls and how you feel. If you have a dress with a thick material, this is not as important since it will hide granny pants as well as thongs. If you have a thin dress, make sure that you wear undergarments that do not have lines. Finally, think about whether or not you want to add Spanx to your outfit to make you look skinnier on that day.

Wedding jewelry: This is the final thing to buy. Wedding earrings, necklace and bracelet. Some of you may only buy or find one of these items. Sometimes, you can find the items in your own closet or your mother’s closet. Whatever you find, make sure you have it before the big day.